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Gloucestershire has many boards, networks and groups which feed into the decision making processes in the county for delivery of services. 15 years ago the needs of LGB&T people were generally not considered or understood when plans were being drawn up. Over that time GAY-GLOS has been actively involved in a wide range of voluntary sector and cross-sector partnerships and had a significant impact on the thinking processes. We have on many occasions been invited to be a member of boards and groups recognising not only that the input from an LGB&T organisation is vital but that we can bring good generalist strategic thinking to the table. Involvement of a wide range of partners endeavours to ensure inclusive approaches are adopted.

There have been many changes to the structures over the last few years but GAY-GLOS has maintained its involvement in these where they have continued and whenever possible. In recent years these have included:

In addition to involvement in such groups GAY-GLOS has been commissioned to undertake specific pieces of work in recognition of this involvement and the skills within the organisation. GAY-GLOS is fully committed to maintaining this engagement to ensure that there is a conduit for an LGB&T perspective at strategic level in Gloucestershire.