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Welcome to our Homepage

We provide:
  • Strategic Engagement.
  • External Training and
    Education Programmes for
    Schools and Colleges.
  • Young People's Social Group.
We set up this social group for young LGB&T people and those exploring their sexual orientation. See our youth group page for more details.

See our Who we are and What we do page
for more details and our Contact Details page.


GAY-GLOS is a registered charity (number 1149572).


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We were founded in 1989 and are now in our 28th year. Our patron is
Sir Ian McKellen


Could this be you?


Volunteers are needed to deliver our Young People's Social Group.

See our youth group page for details of the group.

If you are interested in volunteering to help run this project please get in touch. Our volunteer page gives further details.

Gay-Glos is accredited as a Partner Club of Young Gloucestershire Youth Club Partnership Scheme.
young gloucestershire accreditation

We publish four posters (A4 size) to advertise the youth social group and they can each be downloaded as a PDF file.
They carry the same message but have different background colours: blue, green, pink and yellow.
This is the yellow one:

youth poster yellow
Click this link (or right mouse, then "save link as") to download this YELLOW poster as a PDF file.
Click this link (or right mouse, then "save link as") to download a BLUE poster as a PDF file.
Click this link (or right mouse, then "save link as") to download a GREEN poster as a PDF file.
Click this link (or right mouse, then "save link as") to download a PINK poster as a PDF file.
Our youth group page has images of all four colours.



Please take time to checkout this website:

It Gets Better Project  (

Quoted from their homepage:

"Many LGBT youth can't picture what their lives might be like as openly gay adults. They can't imagine a future for themselves. So let's show them what our lives are like, let's show them what the future may hold in store for them".

Many individuals and organisation teams from around the world have made video submissions.

Two examples are from Pixar Animation Studios (live video, not animation) and Google.

Pixar Animation Studios:

Watch this embedded video or from the
It Gets Better or YouTube websites:



Watch this embedded video or from the
It Gets Better or YouTube websites:

They talk about their experiences as well as teenage suicidal thoughts.

Many more videos can be searched for including ones from Stonewall and UK Government Ministers.

In addition:

Gloucestershire Hate Crime Partnership and the National Star College have produced a video, uploaded to YouTube.

On the YouTube page (dated 1st June 2011) they state:

"The Gloucestershire Hate Crime and Incident Groups are made up of statutory and voluntary sector partners which are committed to identifying and combating hate crimes and hate incidents. This is done through close multi-agency working in the partnership groups in the county. This film is to raise awareness of what a hate crime / hate incident is; to encourage reporting of such events; how to report one; and the support you can expect.
This film has been produced by the Gloucestershire Hate Crime Partnership and the National Star College."

Watch this embedded video
(or the YouTube website):



Please see our Hate Crime page for further information and Hate Crime contact details.

. . . and also:

Take a look at this latest video on Youtube from Stonewall with the voiceover by our patron, Sir Ian Mckellen.

It's part of Stonewall's #NoBystanders movement:

"At Stonewall, we want to put an end to bullying, abusive language and discrimination of all kinds.
This 60 second film, narrated by Ian McKellen, shows why we need to do just that.
Watch the film, join the No Bystanders movement and take a stand. #NoBystanders
Visit to take the pledge".



GAY-GLOS is a registered charity (number 1149572).

charity registration
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